[A-DX] Problem mit DEGEN / KAITO DE 1121

Christoph Ratzer
Mo Jun 2 22:40:09 CEST 2014

Kann Hobbyfreund Dario jemand aus unserer Runde helfen?
73 Christoph

Dear friends,

My name is Dario and I write from North of Italy in Europe

With very pleasure one month ago I buy from my friend the receiver DEGEN / KAITO DE 1121 and I want inform you that is very nice and good even if sometime I make difficult to use it.

Reading the instruction booklet that is enclosed in the packing, even if it's enough comprehensive the notes are not clear and over all are insufficient to understand all the function of radio model. I see that the sign of key market are not clear so I have difficult to learn the use of radio and sometimes I'm in difficulty to learn the exact way to use various operation to use the radio.

For example In those days I find the problem with my machine is I will always pause my MP3 recorder in order to write reception report when I was listening to programme recording, at this moment, the recorder will shut down automatically though there is enough power in battery.

May you help me to solve this problem ?

Besides I'll want to know the mean of various sign that exists on the MP3 recorder screen.

I want inform that the version of Radio that I've buy is December 20^th , 2006.

Eventual answers please write me in English

Hoping in your news I say good bye and I inform my postal and eMail addresses:


Viale della Resistenza, 33 B

IT – 30031 DOLO (Ve)