[A-DX] Madagaskar, 6135 kHz

Christoph Ratzer
Mo Jun 16 19:26:06 CEST 2014

Und nun ist es von Martien Groot amtlich:

MADAGASCAR. 6135.00, R Madagasikara, June 16, 0158, carrier on already, next to
R Sta. Cruz 6134.83, but in the clear 0215:03 when RSC carrier finally off. Faded up
nicely, 0226 sung NA?, 0229 Malagasy male &fem "kilohertz" announcement, 0231
Booker T. &MG's "The time is tight", Carl Douglas "Kung fu fighting" but signal
strength definitely decreasing by now until covered by co/channel VOA carrier 0258.
TADIL-A bonker occasionally reported here by Glenn Hauser was only  just about audible
so did not really  spoil the fun. Very pleased to hear MDG so clearly after several mornings
of only being able to make out their carrier, cf my previous report.

Es lohnt auch gegen 19-20 Uhr UT die Frequenz zu beobachten, wie Thomas Nilsson (Danke!) berichtet.

73 Christoph