[A-DX] VOA Radiogram, 14-15 June 2014

Di Jun 17 00:36:04 CEST 2014

Am 13.06.2014 16:28, schrieb VOA Radiogram:
> Hello friends,
> I apologize for the delay in responding to your emails from the past 
> few weeks. After returning from travels in May, my audience research 
> duties have greatly expanded (in quantity, not in importance). 
> Furthermore, at home, I have installed a new PC running Windows 7, and 
> applications crash nearly every time I open them. (Fldigi is an 
> interesting exception: it's usually stable.) This PC problem and 
> finding a solution are cutting into my productivity.
> I will resume sending emails as soon as I get home this afternoon, 
> probably starting with program 62 and working my way back in time.
> VOA Radiogram for 14-15 June 2014 (program 63) is MFSK32, with a 
> couple of surprises at the end...

"...couple of surprises"   ?  Sorry, but I could not find really 
surprising things.............but better that nasty surprises. ;-)



("....and applications crash nearly every time I open them"           
This all have probably cost money, that is the difference............)