[A-DX] Griechische MW Stationen

Christoph Ratzer
Mi Jun 25 20:49:07 CEST 2014

„Niicht-Offizielle“ Stationen für den MW Spezialisten wie Freund Zacharias in HCDX erwähnt:

792   Studio 1   former on 909  with old Greek songs mostly rebetiko  . Athens
828  un IDed  from poss Athens  with old western pops . sparingly herd in
Salonica due to QRM from other stations
846  Cannibal Athens , my fav in this band. Various music kinds from old Greeks
(during night )  old western , alternative etc also wit live program . currently
inactive  due to transmitter problems (unless they ceased transmissions )
1044 Daffy , with programs mostly on nights  but possibly irregular . Old western
music  (60-80 ),but also greek sometimes
1287 R322  Athens full 24 h with old Greeks . regular here
1368  Elines  radio 234 h Salonica . All kinds of Greeks About 400 W
1431  Polytechnic Station Thessaloniki  , abt 500 W with leftist  program and
commentaries , alternative  music 

73 Christoph