[A-DX] KBC-Radio, Contest

Herbert Meixner
Sa Jun 28 13:40:53 CEST 2014


Commemorating KBC Import/Export 25th Anniversary, KBC Import/Export 
The Mighty KBC Listener Appreciation Contest.

The contest runs from May 1, 2014 until December 31, 2014.

Brand new Tecsun PL-660 receiver including rechargeable batteries, ear 
buds, manual and soft case. More Tecsun PL-660 information at the KBC 
Import/Export website.

Contest Rules
Send a valid reception report of a Mighty KBC broadcast. One 
report/entry per person per broadcast is acceptable. Please include the 
following items in the reception report.

Date of reception.
Time of reception.
Frequency of reception.
Program Details.
Program Comments.
Reception Conditions.
Receiving Equipment.
Contact information as we need a way to contact the winner.

Program comments are very important. Only a report including program 
comments are considered as a valid contest entry. Please do not send 
same comment every time. Also, please send something meaningful other 
than “I really liked the show”, etc. Tell us what was enjoyed about the 
show. Tell us what was not liked about the show. Tell us if part of the 
show is very enjoyable compared to the other parts of the show. Tell us 
if a part of the show should never be heard again!

Good or bad program comments are OK. Please describe/explain comment.

Send report indicating The Mighty KBC Listener Appreciation Contest 
either by email or postal mail.

Email address is 

Postal address is

The Mighty KBC
Argonstraat 6
6718 WT Ede
The Netherlands

The more valid reports, the better chance a listener has of winning the