[A-DX] Log: 7425khz, Babcock , Test, 13:15UTC, O=4

Christof Proft
Mi Mai 21 00:22:14 CEST 2014


Am 13.05.2014 15:24, schrieb Ralf Ladusch:
> Babcock test auf 7425khz mit O=4 um 13:15UTC
auf einen eMail-Report vom 15.5. vom RMRC-DX-Camp auf dem Hoherodskopf
bekam ich heute folgende Empfangsbestätigung:


Hi OM,

Thank you for your report and I confirm the details are correct. These
transmissions were to fault find on a sender at the UK transmitter
station of Woofferton. The engineers needed a long test time as the
fault was of an intermittent nature.

Woofferton is the only remaining UK sender station and also is the only
one with this transmission test audio and email address.

The audio is contained in a file playout system and incorporates
non-copyright music and voice announcements from one of the employees at
the transmitter site.

Thanks for your interest.


Dave G4OYX,

Retired Senior Transmitter Engineer Woofferton 1981-2012.

Check out the video presentation of Woofferton on



On Thu, May 15, 2014 at 1:40 PM, Christof Proft
<> wrote:

     Hello from Germany,

     I just received your transmission:

     7425 kHz
     15.05.2014, 12:30 UTC
     SINPO 55555
     Announcment: "You are listening to a test transmission", eMail-
     Adress for reports, music,
     switched to 7435 for a minute at about 12:25

     Location: SWL-DX-Camp of the RMRC, Hoherodskopf, Germany


     RX: Commradio CR-1, Ant HDLA12 Active loop

     An eQSL would be welcome.

     Christof Proft
     Kurfürstenstr. 15
     52066 Aachen

     Thanks in advance.