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Please see my Word document attached about the current very
interesting radio scene. 73, Walt Salmaniw



".........There are very few local resources available, so when a cruise 
ship arrives, the local population is mustered to provide 
transportation.  Virtually everyone owns a 4 x 4, which very soon became 
apparent why!  We lucked into having the local JP and retired manager of 
the FI Company as our driver.  He’s lived on the islands for 51 years, 
and his wife is a 5th generation islander.  I questioned him about 530 
kHz, and was told that the transmitter is beyond repair and will 
unlikely return to the air (contrary to the government website).  They 
were most definitely NOT on the air during our stay.
As for SW, Terry mentioned that in the old days most everyone had a SW 
receiver to listen to the news from the old country (UK).  I saw very 
little evidence of external SW antennae during our stay, unfortunately.  
A quick AM bandscan with my trusty little Eton e100 during the day 
revealed one weak transmission only.  Of course at dusk, the band became 
alive with continental stations.  With all of the endless miles of open 
spaces, I can only imagine this to be a Dxers wonderland with the 
possibility of endless Beverage antennae in any direction, but be aware, 
there are still many places where minefields exist from the 1982 
Argentinian-UK conflict.  I suspect that the amount of RF noise is 
minimal, owing to the very little infrastructure, no industry, and few 
power lines seen.  An interesting statistic is that up to 50% of the 
islands power is provided by wind energy.  We did see several large 

Bei den Bildern in der *.doc ein wenig Sachsen-Anhalt-Feeling:  Öde 
Gegend und reichlich Wundmühlen..... ;-)

Ansonsten scheint es noch eingebettete mp3-Objekte zu geben, von denen 
bei mir aber nur die erste lief:
"C__DOCUME~1_Walter_Desktop_MP3FIL~1_FALKLA~3[1].MP3"    (442 kb)   
====>         FIRS-Nachrichten-Mitschnitt        News2014 und  
Nachrichten von 1914 als "Experiment"
"...Deutsches Geschwader von Graf von Spee vor der chilenischen Küste......"

Anfang Dezember wird sich der 100-Jahre Rückblich von FIRS wohl auch 
damit befassen:


".....We are trying out something in the run up to this year's 100th 
anniversary Battle Day. The bulletin after BFBS News Plus finishes at 
8.10 will not be News Direct but News 1914 - how we might have reported 
on the news of the time at the time ..."

"...Reaction to the News 1914 series that started as an experiment at 
the beginning of this week seems to have been favourable (thank you!), 
so it will be continuing until the end of the 1914 events in 
mid-December ... and, by that time, I might finally have got the hang of 
doing a BBC accent!