[A-DX] 9395 Global 24 Radio

Walter Eibl
Sa Nov 8 09:28:42 CET 2014

Aus der Antwort mail von
Tina Troy, Social Media Manager & QSL Manager
von Global 24 Radio:

> At this time, we are not able to do "eQSLs" - these electronic QSL cards
> may be available at some point in the future.  If you have requested an
> eQSL and would now like to receive a paper QSL, please let me know.
> This weekend from November 6 to November 10th we will be offering a 
> special
> QSL celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down. 
> See
> the cards here:
> http://about.global24radio.com/special-berlin-wall-qsls-available-weekend/

Am 7.11. vor 23 UTC gut auf 9395 mit einem Jazz Konzert - erinnert mich an 
Zeiten, als es das regelmäßig auch mal auf  VoA Frequenzen gab, die in 
Europa gut zu hören waren ...

73    we