[A-DX] Log: 7130, Hargeisa, V/E, 1550...UC, 18.11.14

Christoph Ratzer
Mi Nov 19 20:40:35 CET 2014

> Am 18.11.2014 um 18:38 schrieb Patrick Robic <>:
> Ist es denn jetzt tatsächlich Hargeisa ?
> Jedes mal wenn ich in den letzten Tagen reingehört habe, wird über Bahrain diskutiert, und wie ich meine in Arabsich.

Hello DXers

Thanks to a tip from Mauno Ritola I picked up 7130 khz from around 14:35 UTC today 18/11/2014
The content of the program is mainly programs about Bahrain and what they are suffering to approach democracy.
Some of the programs mentioned Bahrain Today , and Bahrain news
The catching part was when the announcer said " Dear Viewers "  
When the turmoil started in Bahrain -shiite majority nation- ruled by sunni king a new TV network called Louloua TV ( the Pearl ) named after the biggest square in Manama Bahrain where the demos used to take place.

Loiloua TV is broadcasting on both Nile sat 7 dgrees west and Eutelsat W7 7 degrees west 
The HQ of the network is located in London,UK

Checking the content of the programs on 7130 , it matches the anti Bahrain net work  
They replayed the same programs yesterday 17/11/2014 and today 18/11/2014 as well 
As you may recall Iran used to broadcast the audio feed of al Quds TV network a few years ago
So most probably this is an Iranian originated station from Iran targeting Bahrain

Tarek Zeidan
Cairo Egypt (via DXLD)

73 Christoph