[A-DX] Global 24 Test 9465 kHz

Rudolf Sonntag
Sa Nov 22 08:05:17 CET 2014

Global 24 testet heute ganztägig auf 9465 kHz:
0000 UTC on November 22  running for 24 hours we will be testing on 9465. 
Let us know if you can hear it and how well you can hear it.  Reception 
reports to 

Global 24

- See more at: http://about.global24radio.com/#sthash.ChbU1K7P.dpuf
Dear Friends,
We are running a test broadcast tonight on 9465 kHz. The broadcast will 
continue until 2359 on 11/22. Please let us know what you are hearing, how 
well you are hearing and what your equipment is.Send reception reports to: 

Best, The Global 24 Team

Derzeit hier am Tecsun PLL-880 mit O=3
Rudolf Sonntag