[A-DX] Sukhumi für die Frühaufsteher

Wolfgang Bueschel
Mo Nov 24 06:36:59 CET 2014

Heute Morgen ein aussergewöhnliches Signal aus Sukhumi Abkhazia Georgia.


GEORGIA  [Russian Abkhazia]  9535 kHz  R Abkhazia Sukhumi noted this Nov 24
morning in 0500-0600 UT slot, started with some hymn sung, some classical mx
piece, followed extended news cast read by female til 0516 UT.

But tx starts 10 mins earlier on air. S=6 fair signal of -86dBm heard in
Moscow, Poland, Germany, Sweden, and much stronger in Forli Italy and Greece
remote SDR unit posts. In western Germany some transmission rest of RHC
Spanish bcast heard UNDERNEATH.

Station on non-directional antenna gear with 5 kW only.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 24)

>From Swedish DX Bulletin, Nov 23:

ABKHAZIA: 9 and 10 November Abkhazian radio again came out on SW 9535 kHz
with the same program, which is broadcast on SW 1350 kHz. November 9 is seen
in the Abkhazian language program from 05.10 to 05.55 1350 and 9535 kHz, and
after about only in Abkhaz. November 10 transmission began in 9535 at 04.50
kHz and 1350, but with the program Auto Radio Sukhumi, and 04.55 girlish
choir sang a song in the Abkhazian language, mentioning the word "Auto Radio
Sukhum" about. The "Apsua Radio" (Abkhaz Radio) 1350 kHz noted in November
daily from 03.50 (sometimes 04.50) to (approximately) 06.20. Then take a
break and with 13.50 (sometimes 14.55) translates to 15.55. Programs and
news in Russian and published irregularly marked 05.30-05.40, 06.07-06.14,
15.07 (or to 15.10 ?) - 05.10
(Rumen Pankov, Sofia, Bulgaria). via RUSDX