[A-DX] Radio at High Noon

Marc Coevoet
Mi Sep 3 21:21:03 CEST 2014

I am in Mimimzan, for the moment.

I could receive this stations understandibly at 12 CET this noon.

747 Nostalgia
1008 GrootNieuwsradio
675 Maria
630 Sfax/Tunesia.

Material: car radio Blaupunkt or Philips, coupled to loop antenna by 
Charly Hardt.

Distance to tx in Holland is about 1000km.

At about 14PM, the stations were gone, but I guess, with such a sunny 
wheater over whole the line Mimizan - Holland, I can receive them every 
day at this time ... & this season ... (cloudy wheather would be better 
for reception..)

The "Penguin" has arrived - and he's not going away - ever.
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