[A-DX] FW: Solar Cycle Peaking Now, , Next Cycle Starts in 5 Years With Less Sunspots

Sa Sep 13 07:55:54 CEST 2014

*Solar Cycle 24 In Its Last Big Peak Right Now*

September 2014 - The present solar cycle is in its second and strongest
peak right now. The present levels of moderately high solar activity
with occasional solar flares are expected to continue through 2014 and
then subside dramatically over the next 4 years. Then we should see the
solar minimum for 3 years. An upswing of the next solar maximum, Cycle
25, is predicted to peak between year 2022 and 2025, but be somewhat
less potent than our present cycle. The following chart shows our
present position in the cycles. 
Prediction Source: Bonnie Crystal KQ6XA, HFLINK; Photo at



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