[A-DX] VOA Radiogram, 1-2 August 2015

So Aug 2 11:03:57 CEST 2015

Am 24.07.2015 um 15:15 schrieb VOA Radiogram:
> *VOA Radiogram, program 122, 1-2 August 2015*
> On this program, the same photo will be transmitted in MFSK16, MFSK32, 
> MFSK64, and Scottie DX SSTV. The duration of each photo transmission 
> will be between 4 minutes 15 seconds and 4 minutes 32 seconds.
> In the three MFSK modes, the caption of the photo will be transmitted 
> before each image to provide a comparison of the text performance of 
> each mode.
> Each MFSK mode will begin with an RSID, followed by ten seconds of 
> silence to allow for a manual change of mode if necessary.

As expected:     MFSK-64 has the highest sharpness, compared the digital 


> *The Mighty KBC* will transmit a minute of MFSK64 Sundays at 0230 UTC 
> (Saturdays 10:30 pm EDT) on 9925 kHz, via Germany -- part of the 
> transmission to North America Sundays 0000-0300 UTC. Eric enjoys 
> receiving reports for these KBC MFSK64 transmissions: 
>  .
> Thanks for your reports and support. I hope you can tune and write. 
> I will, eventually, respond to all reports.

As usual:   Doppler frequency shift  during backscattering on moving layers.
MFSK-64 even better performance than the RSID mode (not recognized)



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