[A-DX] Indonesien wieder auf 9525

Christoph Ratzer
Mi Aug 12 21:48:26 CEST 2015

Ron Howard kabelt aus San Francisco: Die Stimme Indonesiens sendet wieder auf 9525,9 kHz.
Abends belegt China die Frequenz, der Träger aus Indonesien ist aber zu sehen.

INDONESIA. 9525.93, Voice of Indonesia returned to the 
air August 12 (Wednesday), after being silent since March 1;  
tuned in at 0944 to UNID open carrier; 1000 first positive 
audio; in English; sounded very much like the "Exotic 
Indonesia" program that in the past was always only on 
Tuesday and Thursday; many segments of chatting, along
with usual back and forth banter; poor reception and at 
times unable to make out any audio; 1100 ID and station 
slogan; into stilted Chinese; 1204 also noted in Chinese; 
1300 Chinese ID, as well as English ID & slogan; continuing 
on in Chinese.

So their first day back was certainly not their typical schedule;
would have been normal for English 1000-1100, but "Exotic
Indonesia" program would have been an anomaly for Wed. in 
the past. Reception after 1300 was at times almost fair, so if 
they go back to 1300-1400 in English, this could perhaps be 
reasonably heard? Of course Atsunori Ishida ( http://rri.jpn.org/ ) 
also has reported this reactivation. 

With the poor reception, hard for me to get a very accurate
measurement, so perhaps Wolfy or others can determine a
truer measurement (Ron Howard, San Francisco at Ocean
Beach, CA, USA)

73 Christoph