[A-DX] Fw: 11860 kHz, und online, TV, und eine App

Wolfgang Bueschel
Sa Dez 12 11:31:38 CET 2015

Wem der Kopf auch schwirrt, welcher Service nunmehr das 'richtige' Radio
Sanaa Yemen ist ... hier eine Mail von Tarek SU1TZ aus Cairo.
73 wb

Radio Sana'a (a.k.a. Republic of Yemen Radio), is supportive of the Hadi -
the ousted leader of Yemen settled at Aden at present - (ARS supported)
forces {and Gulf Cooperation Council program too}

against the Houthi (IRN supported) rebels at Sanaa.

Now there are 2 Yemeni TV networks one supporting alHuethi group located
in Sanaa and the other one is supporting the elected President who is
located in Aden the capital of Southern Yemen.

The Radio Sanaa online network - from Sanaa - is completely different than
the one on ARS 11860 kHz from Aden of course.

The "official" R. Sanaa, not on SW - but online only is completely
different, controlled by the Houthi revolutionaries[Iran supported]
really in Sanaa.

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The latest I got concerning this topic.

A new application is now available in google store with Radio Sanaa matching
what we hear on 11860 kHz, the interface is stating the official Radio Sanaa

Here's a link for this app if you want to make sure you are tuning to the
right Sanaa Radio


Also between 10:00 and 18:00 UTC they are relaying the audio carrier of
Yemen TV the one supporting of course the legitimate president of Yemen
located currently at Aden.

All the best
Tarek Zeidan  SU1TZ
Cairo, Egypt

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> 11859.9985  accurate footprint.
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