[A-DX] Flame Radio 1521,UK

Fr Dez 25 09:34:37 CET 2015

Am 25.12.2015 um 08:03 schrieb Name gelöscht:
> Flame CC Radio aus UK  mit Xmas Liedern 

Ich habe mir 'mal ein "Kurzporträt" er-googelt:

Flame Radio CCR
Christian programmes with a Merseyside flavour

CCR  =  Christian Community Radio


Wirral Christian Media (registered Charity) was founded in 2000 after 
the first "Flame FM on Wirral" RSL broadcast. After 14 RSL (Restricted 
Service Licence) broadcasts (2000 - 2007) full-time Community Radio 
broadcasting, under a Community Radio licence, commenced on 19th 
December 2009 (and now extended to December 2019). "Flame CCR" 
broadcasts on 1521 kHz (medium wave) from South Wirral and covers most 
of Wirral, and beyond. It is also simulcast as "Flame on the Web". 
Please contact us via  if you wish to receive our 
monthly prayer letter and news update, or are able to support us 
financially. STATEMENT OF BELIEFS - the Directors concur with the 
Evangelical Alliance “Basis of Faith”. Many of the members of Wirral 
Christian Media Limited also concur with this “Basis of Faith” but, 
because we operate across all Christian denominations, we expect all 
members to at least concur with the "Churches Together in England basis".

csvUB   FMSCAN/AM-Liste:

         kHz: 1521
     UTC/PSN: 0000-2400
     Days/PI: 1234567 (Mo-Su)
    Language: english
     Station: Flame CCR
     Country: G (United Kingdom)
Transmitter: Willaston (North West/Merseyside)
    Latitude: 53.2857
   Longitude: -3.0094
  Power (kW): 0.07
    Distance: 1031   (für Halle/S.)
     Bearing: 287
       Notes: irr
     Details: MW from United Kingdom/North West/Merseyside
QTH locator: IO83lg88un

"Flame CCR" started broadcasting on 1521kHz MW (medium wave) on 19th 
December 2009 under a 5 year Community Radio licence. Broadcasts, from 
South Wirral, operate 24 x 7 and cover most of Wirral and beyond. "Flame 
on the Web" is a simulcast on http://www.flameradio.org/ of our "Flame 
CCR" broadcasts. LISTEN AGAIN is provided for our most popular 
programmes, a link is on our home page.