[A-DX] Fwd: VOA Radiogram, 3-4 January 2015

So Jan 4 15:00:13 CET 2015

Am 01.01.2015 um 13:35 schrieb VOA Radiogram:
> Hello friends,
> Because of difficult mid-winter shortwave propagation, one of this 
> weekend's VOA News items will be in MFSK16 (55 wpm), to see if it will 
> provide a more successful text decode than our usual MFSK32 (120 wpm). 

Still good reception results Saturday night here in Europe  - 17860 kHz.

But the the reception was disturbed  [again]  by  splatters of the 
Ethiopian wideband-jamming signal targeted at Oromo Voice Radio (17850 kHz).


+ some received  hny-easypal-dsstv-pics.