[A-DX] 972 kHz Sunrise

Marc Coevoet
Mi Jan 14 19:59:33 CET 2015

Op 14-01-15 om 19:32 schreef Erik:
> Auf 972 kHz kam hier (zwischen Braunschweig und Wolfsburg) gegen 18.00
> Uhr MEZ  (auf dem Autoradio) Sunrise Radio durch.

At the Belgian coast (near De Panne), during daytime, we receive 963 
better, because that is the tx site at the east of London, while 972 is 
the western side of London ...


Another 1kw station is 558khz.  And then we have the rest ... Since 
Nancy is Off the air, I can receive BBC Asia on 837 during daytime.

828 or 792 is Smooth Radio, and the same as 603/945/1359/1242/...

Some of these radio's are on a clear channel now, and with some 100s of 
watts, you can receive them on the Atlantic coast near Spain.  eg 1197 
is a good one.


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