[A-DX] PNG via Shepparton 100 kW ?

Wolfgang Bueschel
Fr Jul 3 18:28:36 CEST 2015

Seit gestern wird über neue Kurzwellen Aussendungen aus PNG via Satellite
nach Australia berichtet. Da dürften auch Signale für Europa abfallen.

In Shepparton dürften ja einige Sender frei sein, die jetzt wie folgt im
Einsatz sind:

 6075 kHz  1900-2159
 9860 kHz  2200-0959
 6075 kHz  1000-1400
12025 kHz  2200-1000 UT for Pacific Island Communities

by Rakuta in Tokyo


PAPUA NEW GUINEA   New Freq. of P&NG, heard on 6075 kHz at 1040 UT
tune in, ID at 1050 & 1113 UT "NBC national radio, Voice of ..."
Fair condx. sometimes announcement of "2015 Pacific game".

6075  New Freq. of PNG. Opening Annmt.
by H. Komatubara in Akita on 6075 kHz at 1903 UT on July 2.
(Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN, dxld July 2)

Radio NBC National Radio of Papua New Guinea on 6075 and 9860 kHz.

The Radio NBC National Radio of Papua New Guinea is already in the air in
at least two frequencies recently 9860 kHz NBC National Radio PNG
on PL-660 / July 03, 2015 0721 UT. Captured by Sony 2010DFS.

Their schedule (tentativelly)
           Time UT
6075 kHz  1900-2159
9860 kHz  2200-0959
6075 kHz  1000-1400

Also announcing
12025 kHz 2200-1000 UT for Pacific Island Communities

Video 2 , 1 listening Captured by 22360679Y

NBC National Radio
6075 kHz (02 July 2015, at 1053, 1150, 1202 UT)
Web Site: <http://www.nbc.com.pg/>
(Daniel Wyllyans-BRA, hcdx July 3)

PNG/CHINA   Re: Wantok Radio Light 7325 kHz at 1303z on 26 Jun 2015.
Thanks Wolfy for checking. Have a great weekend. Ron

Ooh difficult procedure on 7325 kHz, only time slot 1357 to 1426 UT is
window open against CRI outlets ... came too late, now at 1435 UT CRI in
Filipino from Beijing covers the channel totally.

S=9+40dB POWERHOUSE on 7325 kHz from CRI Japanese of
Jinhua-Youbu #831 site til 1257 UT,
then 1300-1357 UT tx site move to Xian #594 site. Nothing noted underneath
from Wantok Radio Light. Heard on remote SDR unit at Osaka Japan at
1218 UT on June 27.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 27)

Hi Rodney,
Was interested in your log of Wantok Radio Light, as I often monitor WRL
myself. Recently has been off the air, so would indeed be good news if
they are back again. Perhaps you could listen in again to confirm your

When I check on WRL, I always find powerful CRI totally blocks any
possibility of my hearing low powered WRL, per the Aoki schedule:

It is only after 1357 UT, when CRI signs off, that I have any possibility
of checking on WRL, as it's then a clear frequency till about 1430 UT.

Was there no CRI broadcasting at 1301/1303 today?
(Tony Ashar, West Java-INS, dxld June 26)

7325 kHz at 1301 UT on 26 Jun - WANTOK RADIO LIGHT (PAPUA NEW GUINEA) in

Pidgin English?, Barely audible. male announcer, music. sf102.1 a33, k3,
geomag: unsettled. 1 kW, Omni, bearing 266deg. Sangean ATS505 w/Kaito KA33
in west facing window. Received at Las Vegas, United States, 11294 km from
transmitter at Port Moresby (Radio Wantok). Local time: 0601 UT.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 27)