[A-DX] 12025 kHz - Papua

Christoph Ratzer
Mo Jul 20 08:08:32 CEST 2015

NBC Papua hat Pläne 2016 einen neuen Kurzwellensender auf 4890 und 9675 kHz zu betreiben:

Acc. to e-Mail from NBC to A. Kageyama in Osaka.

"For your information, the service will be available for the next 3 days and will cease. Our arrangement with Broadcast Australia to use their short wave transmitters was so that the NBC could broadcast the Pacific games to the whole of the country. This is an expensive exercise and unfortunately the NBC is unable to sustain the services due to budget constraints.
The NBC does have plans to purchase its own transmitters and go back to broadcasting on 4890 and 9675 mhz but this might happen in 2016.

Thank you

Allen Arifeae
Executive Director "

TNX A.Kageyama.

( S.Hasegawa via DXLD)

73 Christoph