[A-DX] Sturmschäden bei The Cross, Mikronesien.

Christoph Ratzer
Di Mai 12 20:46:06 CEST 2015

Bei The Cross gibt es schwere Sturmschäden.


Dear Ones,
Just received a call from Sylvia. What seemed to just be a system that was
going through Pohnpei, turned out to pack very strong winds in the early
morning. It took part of the roof of our Studio Building where our PMF
church meets for worship services. The whole foyer is flooded, the Office
above it - together with the air conditioning system, electrical system are
all soaking wet and damaged - lights are dangling from the ceiling,
equipment, soaking wet and damaged as well. Fortunately, the church
auditorium is dry. The Lord kept that safe. We are thankful, the Field
Office Building, Sunday school building are fine - except for the curling of
the roof - which Nob was able to fix. The Good News Press Office, Radio
office withstood the strong winds. The Sea Haven seemed to have held up
during that time. Nob, Syl and Mom are now sleeping at the Office.

Please PRAY - for strength and wisdom for Nob and our PMA Pohnpei team - as
they work on repairing the roof and cleaning up the affected area. Pray for
the Lord to provide for the repair work on the building and equipment. Thank
you and God bless you!
Melinda at PMA HQ Office.

Sorry no Pictures - no internet.

(Facebook Seite der PMA Mission, 12. Mai)

73 Christoph