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Danke Norbert!

Das ist wirklich eine großartige Seite, nicht nur hier:

auch verkürzt:

*The Name*
Lastly, you may have come to this page looking for the answer to the 
question of how did my website get its name.
Well, I am not going to make your life that easy.
The answer to the question is here somewhere, but not on this page, sorry!


Radio Liveridge was a village station that took its name from a nearby 
hill and it broadcast every Sunday from April 1981 to 1986 on 97.5 MHz 
v.h.f. and was probably the world's smallest station!
The station was all home built.  The v.h.f. transmitter was very small, 
producing only 100mW, but it fed a big 5/8 wave vertical aerial that 
seemed very efficient


Wie gesagt - wirklich großartig!