[A-DX] 11860 kHz, Republic of Yemen Radio - Radio Sana'a - Pro-Had

Christoph Ratzer
Sa Nov 21 20:07:48 CET 2015

Auf 11860 kHz ist nach 18 UT  "Republic of Yemen Radio - Radio Sana'a - Pro-Had“ zu hören, der Sender könnte lt. BDXC in Saudi Arabien stehen.

Chris Greenway reported via DXLD on 20 October 2015 the existence of a broadcast on shortwave in
support of Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi. President Hadi, who was deposed by Houthi
rebels in 2014 and subsequently fled to Saudi Arabia in March 2015, recently returned to the southern city
of Aden to reportedly supervise an offensive against rebels. Tarek Zeidan reported an ID at 2000 UTC on
20 October 2015 as "Huna Sana'a idhaat aljumhuriya alyamaniya al bernamaj al a'am" ("This is Sana'a,
Republic of Yemen Radio General Programme, with news about the return of the Yemeni president to
Aden"). Tarek adds that according to some sources there are two transmissions, the first one from 0700
to 1200 and the second one from 2100 to 0200. Tarek checked the audio stream of Sana'a online and
there was a different feed talking about the Saudi invasion of Yemen, so that was operated by the Houthi
rebels supporting the former president of Yemen Ali Abdul Allah Saleh. According to an online source the
pro-Hadi transmission on shortwave is from Aden, but based on the fact that Yemen is having problems
with power and a lot of blackouts, leaving the greater part of Yemen without electricity, it must be coming
from a nearby country, presumably Saudi Arabia.
Transmitter Site: believed to be in Saudi Arabia.
Times/UTC       Days  Language   Target    Freq/kHz
0400-0900 (0700-1200 local) Daily Arabic Yemen 11860
1800-2300 (2100-0200 local) Daily Arabic Yemen 11860

(BDXC via Dave Kenny)

73 Christoph