[A-DX] Radio Caroline / DAB

Fr Nov 27 12:52:31 CET 2015


5th November 2015 –
Pioneer music radio station ‘Radio Caroline‘ is the latest service to 
join the airwaves of Norwich as part of the Future Digital Norfolk 
Limited DAB Digital Radio Multiplex.

‘Radio Caroline’, which began broadcasting in 1964 from a ship anchored 
off the Essex Coast, was a popular AM station across East Anglia right 
through until 1990 when it was finally taken off air by the authorities.

Read the full press-release – available here.


About Radio Caroline
" an iconic giant in the history of UK radio"

Radio Caroline, currently an online and satellite service, was the UK's 
first ever
commercial radio station when, in March 1964, it launched its offshore 
service from the MV Caroline, a former passenger ferry anchored in 
waters off Felixstowe.  Playing wall-­-to-­-wall popular music (a 
service which was
not available on BBC radio at the time), Caroline was soon followed by a 
of copy -­-cat stations, which helped put the "swing" in the "swinging 

Vertreten in  2 Muxen:

"....Aldershot is known as the "Home of the British Army",..."
deshalb wohl in diesem Mux u.a. auch:
BFBS Aldershot  128 kbps DAB MP2 Joint Stereo
BFBS Gurkha  128 kbps DAB MP2 Joint Stereo
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hier noch ein Bericht aus der örtlichen Presse / relativ aktuell:
*".....*A radio station which first made waves across the region in the 
1960s is back on the air after 25 years."

“We chose Radio Caroline as the latest addition to the airwaves, not 
just because of its local history, but also because its rock-based music 
format adds something extra to the choice of available stations in the 
greater Norwich area.”

Radio Caroline is broadcasting on DAB *now*.

dortiger Kommentar:
"....Radio Caroline has been available to listen to via RF (Radio 
Frequency) in this area since 1990. It is regularly heard on MW on 
various frequencies, for example 648khz & it is always a very nice 
signal here in Norwich & despite originating from a small low power 
transmitter it is often heard across England & into places such as 
Holland & beyond. But it is really good to have them available on RF 
locally on local DAB. Hearing they were available I dug my DAB radio out 
of a draw & started to use it for the first time since I brought it 
several years ago. Caroline & Future Radio are so much better than the 
boring Borg stations available else where on MW Band 2 FM & DAB. 
Personally I may not end up spending less time listening to European MW 
stations, online stations & the free radio stations on shortwave, but it 
will increase my DAB listening by 100% now that I have two good non Borg 
stations on there to listen to. "