[A-DX] Fw: FM simulcast in Japan

Wolfgang Bueschel
Fr Okt 2 07:50:04 CEST 2015


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From: "Takahito Akabayashi Tokyo-JPN"
Sent: Friday, October 02, 2015 6:58 AM
Subject: FM simulcast in Japan

Japanese FM band 76-90MHz was expanded to 76-95 MHz in 2014. Expanded 
90-95 MHz has been assigned to FM simulcast of commercial AM stations. 
FM simulcast is allowed only for complementary use of AM broadcast.
At present, moving from AM to FM is not allowed.

The Following commercial AM stations have begun FM simulcasts.
Dec.1, 2014    Kita Nihon Hoso, Toyama (738kHz)  90.2MHz 1kW
               Nankai Hoso, Matsuyama (1116kHz)  91.7MHz 1kW
Jan.1, 2015    Minami Nihon Hoso, Kagoshima (1107kHz)  92.8MHz 1kW
Mar.2, 2015    Akita Hoso, Akita (936kHz)  90.1MHz 1kW
Jul.28, 2015   Chugoku Hoso, Hiroshima (1350kHz)  94.6MHz 1kW (test)
Aug.17, 2015   Ibaraki Hoso, Mito (1197kHz)  94.6MHz 1kW
Oct.1, 2015    Nagasaki Hoso, Nagasaki (1233kHz)  91.8MHz 1kW
               Tokai Radio Hoso, Nagoya (1332kHz)  92.9MHz 7kW
               Chubu Nihon Hoso, Nagoya (1053kHz)  93.7MHz 7kW
Oct.5, 2015    TBS Radio, Tokyo (954kHz)  90.5MHz 7kW (test)
               Bunka Hoso, Tokyo (1134kHz)  91.6MHz 7kW (test)
               Nippon Hoso, Tokyo (1242kHz)  93.0MHz 7kW (test)
               RF Radio Nippon, Yokohama (1422kHz) 92.4MHz 7kw (test)

Antennas and transmitters of 3 stations in Tokyo are located 
at "Tokyo Sky Tree" (height 634m) in Sumida district, Tokyo.

Takahito Akabayashi
Tokyo, Japan