[A-DX] Log: 6990, Komintern(t), 1240...UC, R, 10.10.15

Herbert Meixner
Sa Okt 10 14:48:37 CEST 2015

O=2 in USB
BC-DX 1223                                                    4 Oct 2015
RUSSIA   6990  Radio Komintern radio program, southern Voronezh region.
 From 1658 UT on Aug 6 with rather declamatory speech style and
instrumental music in the background. 1800* UT on the dot as scheduled.
Said to be an illegal station with communist sympathies. Station claims to
be about 1000 Watts.
(David Foster-Vic-AUS, ARDXC Sept ADXN direct and via dxld Sept 27)
Mit Gruss,
3160 Traisen
NRD 535DG, MiniWhip