[A-DX] tip für die Früh-Aufsteher: 5005 kHz

Wolfgang Bueschel
Sa Okt 17 10:07:11 CEST 2015

die Chinesen haben wohl den Bata Sender auf 5005v mal wieder gerichtet,
mehrere Berichte kürzlich, auch von Stig Hartvig Nielsen in der HCDX
73 wb

EQUATORIAL GUINEA   5005+, Oct 16 at 0540, JBA carrier, slightly on hi side.
Checked after Stig Hartvig Nielsen's HCDX report from Denmark that R. Bata
has been signing on around 0500, i.e. Oct 13 at tune in 0505 on 5005.02, and
about the same time next mornings, 5005.05 on Oct 16. For him, it starts
fading out around 0515 and is lost by 0545. So I must try closer to 0500 UT

Other recent reports of the reactivated Bata are as early as 0425, which
would be propagationally better for all concerned, and on the low side,
5004.9. I see some spellings as Batá, but not so in atlases. Based on
monitoring in the evenings, when SHN can't hear it, Arthur Miller in Wales
says in Communication of the British DX Club that the 5005 station he heard
Sept 24 was R. Malabo but after mentioning Bata, Malabo went off at 2058,
and another weaker signal came on 5005 at 2102, leading him to suspect that
both stations are sharing 5005. I also frequently check the old Malabo
frequency, 6250, last heard in May 2011 per DSWCI DBS, in case it be
reactivated. (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)