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Wolfgang Bueschel
Mo Okt 26 17:49:08 CET 2015

Ja, so ist es.  wb

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You couldn't have said it any better..especially your last
statement....on how many stations view a reply...

Edward Kusalik

'Bruce Churchill'  [DXplorer] wrote:
> I would say that verifying anywhere near 100 countries these days
> would be just about impossible without extraordinary (and expensive)
> effort! I'm not sure even personal visits would do the job. 50 VIC
> would be a significant accomplishment! About the only QSLs you hear
> about in recent months are organizations that broker their programming
> through a handful of high-powered transmitters. Apparently the whole
> notion of verifying reports has declined precipitously along with the
> number of SW broadcasters. I thought maybe e-QSLs would breathe some
> life into the hobby, but this hasn't happened either. That's why I
> record every station logged (and have done so since 2004) - not as
> satisfying as receiving a nice card (or even an e-card) but in some
> ways more of a pure verification of reception. Many stations have
> previewed my recordings but never bothered to respond, even with a
> simple "yeah, that was us" reply!
> Nice job on the list Jerry! A lot of work obviously went into this effort!
> Bruce