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Subject: 1 program Polish R.

Here's the news heard first on radio, then read it


Briefly, from 9:00 PM (Warsaw time) on 2 November and until 22:00 on 20
November this year far the transmitter in Solec Kujawski transmitter 1st
program of Polish radio at a frequency of 225 kHz is disabled. This is done
in connection with the installation of the mast antenna additional equipment
for broadcasting in the format of DAB+

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Invariably, you can hear us on shortwave radio, thanks to digital
receivers - in DAB +, on the Internet and on mobile devices.

On 2 - 22 November 2015 the temporary exclusion will be broadcasting the 
Polish Radio on long wave. This is due to essential maintenance work,
antenna masts and the planned installation of a digital transmitter of Radio
DAB + broadcasting center in Solec Kujawski.

A break in the radio emission Ones long wave is planned for Monday November
2nd of hours. 9.00 to Sunday 22 November for hours. 20.00. At that time
Radio broadcasting center in Solec Kujawski will be carried out necessary
maintenance work, and on the mast, which is broadcast on long wave first
Polish Radio mounted transmitter is DAB +. Implementation of all these
activities require long-term transmitter off for a period of approx. 3 - 4

First Polish Radio, you can still listen via the transmitters FM, shortwave,
the frequency of which can be checked at: UKF.JEDYNKA.POLSKIERADIO.PL,
thanks to digital receivers around the 17 largest urban regions in the

Ones radio digital signal already reaches more than half of residents of
Polish (exact details of the coverage of digital radio technology DAB + is
available on the DAB.POLSKIERADIO.PL) and on the Internet at
JEDYNKA.POLSKIERADIO.PL as well as using mobile applications . Applications
are available for free download on iPhones and iPads in Apple App Store on
Android phones in the Google Android Market and Windows Phone 7 phones on
Windows Phone Marketplace.

The first Polish Radio station is universal, combining tradition and
modernity. It is located in one of the three most popular tracks radio
programs in Poland and is one of the most frequently quoted media in the
country. Radio Single proposes a wide range of programming - from
information, journalism domestic and foreign, through in-depth analyzes and
commentaries, education and counseling, to the broader culture and
entertainment. Presents music addressed to listeners of all ages, classical
Polish and world literature, as well as works by contemporary writers,
numerous reports, the Polish Radio Theatre dramas, children's programs,
broadcasts and reports on the major national and international sporting

We invite you to listen!