[A-DX] BBC Nordkorea

Di Sep 8 14:56:15 CEST 2015

Am 08.09.2015 um 12:41 schrieb Rémy Friess:
> Hallo,
> Lt. einer Meldung in dem französischsprachigen Programm von KBS Worldradio will die BBC demnächst eine tägliche Sendung für Nordkorea auf KW senden.


"...The BBC’s proposal — a daily news programme for North Korea on 
short-wave radio — could also provoke a diplomatic response from Pyongyang."

"...A new radio service for Ethiopia and Eritrea will be also be 
proposed by Lord Hall, the BBC’s director-general...."

Radios in North Korea are preset to government-set frequencies and 
currently only receive news from the Korean Central News Agency. 
Shortwave radios are the exception –
and although they are banned, criminal charges for owning one are rare, 
The Independent reports.

".....Shortwave radios are banned but owning one does not usually result 
in criminal charges. Instead the sets are often confiscated and resold 
onto the black market by corrupt authorities.

North Korea is ranked 179 out of 180 countries on the annual Press 
Freedom Index published by Reporters Without Borders. The only country 
considered to have worse press freedom is Eritrea."

"...The BBC's plans include establishing a news service for Ethiopia and 
Eritrea on medium wave and short wave radio."