[A-DX] VOA Radiogram, 5-6 September 2015

Di Sep 8 21:44:10 CEST 2015

Am 04.09.2015 um 14:58 schrieb VOA Radiogram:
> Hello friends,
> An updated version (1.2) of the AndFlmsg Android app is now available 
> at http://www.w1hkj.com/vk2eta/
> This new version has support for the UTF-8 character set.  To give the 
> AndFlmsg update a workout, this weekend’s VOA Radiogram will include 
> news items in Russian and Spanish.  The Spanish involves only a few 
> letters with accents. Russian is more complicated, with its Cyrillic 
> alphabet.

40 years ago in school I had similar problems with Cyrillic characters. 
(Russian controlled territory .....) ;-)

Under Fldigi-Windows now there were no problems...

> *The Mighty KBC* will transmit a minute of MFSK64 Sunday at about 0230 
> UTC (Saturday 10:32 pm EDT) on its *new frequency of 7375 kHz*, via 
> Germany. Reports for this KBC reception to Eric: 
> >

Despite low frequency huge Skip zone and plenty of backscattered ghost 

(KBC transmitter site "Funkamt Nauen" can be visit next weekend. 
(Heritage Day in Germany)

> Thanks for your reports from last weekend. I did not see much 
> difference between the images at 1500 and 2000 Hz, but I’m still 
> looking at the sample.
> Kim Andrew Elliott,   Producer and Presenter,  VOA Radiogram, 
> voaradiogram.net <http://voaradiogram.net/>

When using an AF of 2000 Hz the risk of adjacent channel QRM is slightly 
larger when decoding in AM, I think.
(with a Jammer, who has lost his way again)