[A-DX] Ausschreibung von einfacher Dekodiersoftware seitens des BBG

So Sep 27 15:46:22 CEST 2015


"...The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG)
Broadcast Technologies Division has a requirement
for the development of software to allow reception
of high frequency (HF) transmissions that are ‘I
currently being broadcast by BBG. This will allow
non-technical listeners to receive digital content of

"...The software shall be capable of running on Windows (XP and newer) 
and Android (4.1 and
newer) operating systems..."

"...The analog signal is contained within the audio baseband up to 
around 5 kHz or
the limit oft he shortwave receiver’s demodulated audio output. The 
broadcast will be standard Amplitude Modulation (AM)..."

"...The application should be simple to use with minimal user technical 
knowledge or
setup. It should be intuitive and visually appealing..."

"..The application should employ globalization in several global 
languages such as
English, Mandarin, Korean, etc.‘ The UTF-8 character set shall be used.

"...The software application should be robust enough to handle marginal
signals containing noise and should utilize error correction such as Reed
Solomon error correction and ltering as appropriate.

"...The BBG has selected the MFSKI6, MFSK32, MFSK64, MFSK128,
Olivia 32-2000 and Olivia 64-2000 modes for use in this software..."

"...End result may be saved as a HTML page and links in the same folder 
or text le,
depending on the material being transmitted...."     (keine HTML mehr 
selber bauen müssen... ;-)


Umbau am Empfänger ist ja nicht nötig. Das simple Audio aus Lineout oder 
Kopfhörerbuchse sollte reichen.
Oder akustische Kopplung über Lautsprecher - Smartphone-Mikrofon.


Die MFSK-Bildübertragung wirkt aber etwas antiquiert, da es keine 
eingebaute automatische Schräglaufkorrektur gibt.