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Sa Apr 30 17:50:03 CEST 2016

Am 30.04.2016 um 16:42 schrieb Herbert Meixner:
> 1315-2400 UTC Radio Sala Cruisin' Special with lots of vintage music,
> reports from the streets of Sala where the cruising is taking place,
> interviews and more. Requests are welcome at 0046 73 8165608 or by email
>  Do surprise our friends at Radio Sala, call them 
> and
> let them know how their SW transmission is coming through in your area.
> The frequencies are 3975 kHz (5 kW) and 6060 kHz (10 kW). Reception 
> reports
> can be sent by e-mail to  or by snail mail to SDXF, Box 1097,
> SE-405 23 Gothenburg, Sweden.for the SDXF transmissions. Reception 
> reports
> for the Radio Sala transmissions can be mailed to  and 
> they
> have a great printed QSL card.
> Quelle: 
> http://ihorswldx.blogspot.co.at/2016/04/relays-this-weekend-update-from-radio.html 

"Du kan även lyssna direkt i din internetanslutna enhet när vi sänder."


Program vid kommande sändningstillfällen:
Observera att programmens starttider kan i en del fall vara cirkatider!

• Lördag 30 april
- 15.00-24.00 Valborgscruising i Sala - vi direktsänder från gatorna. 
Önska din musik. Går också bra att ringa studion 073-816 5608