[A-DX] Australien? = Erklaerung?

Herbert Meixner
Fr Aug 12 08:09:52 CEST 2016

Am 11.08.2016 um 22:44 schrieb Christoph Ratzer:
>> Also Entwarnung !
> Ich meinte nicht die Inlandsdienste, sondern das was von Radio Australia übrig geblieben war.
> Das dürfte sich auf Kurzwelle verabschiedet haben, was aber anscheinend noch niemand auf gefallen ist.

Glenn Hauser:

The reply today (Aug 11) from reception.advice @ abc.net.au :

"Thank you for your recent correspondence with regards to the Radio 
Australia Broadcasts on Shortwave Radio in the SW Pacific. We are 
currently working with our transmission provider on a number of shut 
downs over the past week and again over the next week to investigate a 
range of technical and commercial issues for the service.

In the meantime the services are still on air via our satellite services 
on Intelsat IS18 and IS22 as well as our FM network across the targeted 
markets in the SW Pacific. For detailed information please see
and of course Radio Australia is online at


Mit Gruss,