[A-DX] Radio Seagull Live Weekend

Per Eriksson
Sa Aug 20 15:12:59 CEST 2016

Radio friends,

Seagull 747 is fairly good at fighting its way into Southern Sweden 
during dark hours. Licensed 25 Watts. Have only heard programming //1602 kHz.

Believe that tx is onboard Jenni Baynton, anyone know?


Marc Coevoet skrev:
>Op 19-08-16 om 22:27 schreef Christoph Ratzer:
>>For 48 hours beginning at 7pm CET Friday 19th August, you will be 
>>able to enjoy continuous live programmes from our radioship the LV 
>>Jenni Baynton moored in Harlingen. In addition to our usual 
>>overnight service on 1602AM and DAB+, there will be a new frequency 
>>747 khz which will carry Radio Seagull 24/7.
>>747AM will be available for listeners in Harlingen and beyond; so, 
>>if you live in Friesland, do check it out.
>>Die Mittelwelle 747 ist seit ca. 1930 UT auch schwach in Salzburg zu hören.
>I have a problem with a spanish station on 747 in Belgium
>The "Penguin" has arrived - and he's not going away - ever.
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