[A-DX] Fw: [HCDX] Special DRM transmission celebrating 50thAnniversary of SW broadcast from Ascension Island

Clemens Paul
So Aug 28 16:12:18 CEST 2016

Hi Wolfgang,

>some DRM Dekodierungs Software Installation 'on hand' ?

I have die Dream Software on hand and for you mal eingeschaltet.
Vor 14.00 SNR 6-7dB and gelegentlich Audio
ab 14.00 SNR up to 13dB and öfter Audio but not ständig.
De Signal is about S7.


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>Subject: [A-DX] Fw: [HCDX] Special DRM transmission 
>celebrating 50thAnniversary of SW broadcast from Ascension Island
>Hat Einer in der A-DX ng
>some DRM Dekodierungs Software Installation 'on hand' ?
>Das 50 Jahre  DRM mode Special aus Ascension
>um 1200-1400 UT 21715 DRM in Richtung 114 degrees Azimuth,
>um 1400-1430 UT dann Wechsel auf 250 degrees,
>zwar auch nicht optimal für Europa, aber vielleicht besser als 114deg.
>Das BBC FR Ascension Signal im 16mb 17640 kHz war jedenfalls
>viel stärker als 21715 und 21630 kHz,
>die 13 mb Auswahl war wohl 'zu hoch'?
>73 wb
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>From: "Wolfgang Bueschel" Sent: Sunday, August 28, 2016 2:38 PM
>Subject: Re: [HCDX] [dxld] Special DRM transmission celebrating
>50thAnniversary of SW broadcast from Ascension Island
>Noted here in central Europe DRM Block ASC 21715 kHz at 1205 UT,
>only S=6 or -87dBm strength.
>Sorry, I've no DRM decoding software / unit gear at hand.
>Similar AM signal, but easily to understand 21630 kHz French BBC
>from ASC.
>Also 17640 kHz BBC French from ASC,
>but 16mb, S=9+25dB much stronger than 13 mb outlet, noted here.
>in 13 mb:
>strongest sce is BSKSA 21505.020 kHz S=9+20dB,
>21580 RFI TDF ISS
>IRN 21520 and 21750 kHz,
>21675 BS TOM from RMI Okeechobee USA.
>73 wb
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>From: "Alan Roe  [dxld]" Sent: Sunday, 
>August 28, 2016
>2:06 PM
>Subject: Re: [dxld] Special DRM transmission celebrating 50th 
>Anniversary of
>SW broadcast from Ascension Island
>> I caught the very briefest peel of bells in AM-mode on 21715kHz at
>> 1155UT before I could see that the transmission switched to DRM -
>> however the signal here was minimal and was far and away too 
>low to ever
>> be decoded.
>> Alan Roe, Teddington, UK with Winradio G31 and 17m wire antenna
>> On 19/08/2016 23:01, Glenn Hauser  [dxld] wrote:
>>> [Attachment(s) <#TopText> from Glenn Hauser included below]
>>> Special DRM transmission from Ascension Island – Sunday 
>28th August 2016
>>> DRM will be part of a big anniversary on a small island in the
>>> Atlantic Ocean. On 28th of August at 1155 GMT Babcock International
>>> will ensure a special BBC digital transmission from the BBC Atlantic
>>> Relay station on 21715 kHz, marking the fiftieth anniversary of the
>>> BBC’s first short-wave radio broadcast from Ascension Island.
>>> Since 1966, the Atlantic Relay station has broadcast BBC 
>World Service
>>> programmes to Africa and South America, and to this day, 
>continues to
>>> broadcast over 250 programme hours every week to East and 
>West Africa
>>> in English, French, Hausa and Somali.
>>> The two hour-transmission will start with the old, special sound of
>>> Bow Church Bell in east London, the sound of which, even if in DRM
>>> this time, will remind older listeners of the BBC broadcasts of many
>>> decades ago. The 2-hour transmission will be the regular BBC
>>> programmes for West and South Africa and will end at 1400.
>>> This special transmission will be sent with greetings from Ascension
>>> Island’s BBC and Babcock International staff and visitors, 
>who will be
>>> celebrating half a century of sterling broadcasting on August 28th.
>>> (Ruxandra Obreja, Digital Radio Mondiale Consortium Chairman)
>>> --- (via Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi, India, August 18, DX 
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