[A-DX] LOG: 19.30z DSWCI part 1 Tincomalee 9715 kHz 43443

Sa Dez 3 21:00:49 CET 2016

QRM:  9715 kHz Bible Voice / Moosbrunn

csvUB  qrm.txt:

Possible interference/QRM within +/-0.4 kHz for
*  9715.0 kHz; 1930-2030; 6 (Sa); english; RMRC Radio; Trincomalee; Eu; 
3Dec Org: DEU

#  9715.0 kHz; 1900-2000; 67 (Sa-Su); english; Bible Voice; Moosbrunn; 
ME; Org: GBR (Collision!)

The list may contain multiple entries for different languages.
Please make a copy of the file, if needed. It will be overwritten next time.


19.50z:    9715 kHz  Moosbrunn  NOW more in skipzone (511 km/320 miles), 
   thereby  SINPO DSWCI part1:   54544


".....please send all reception reports by regular POST to:

RMRC, Postfach 70 08 49, D-60558  Frankfurt  /  Main, Germany

please send all E-mail-reception-reports to:  

20.00z  part 2   starting with    O=4-5    (No more QRM)