[A-DX] Digi Mode 6070

Mo Dez 19 16:58:28 CET 2016

Am 19.12.2016 um 15:37 schrieb VOA Radiogram:
> Hello Roger,
> Thank you for your report.
> Confirming your reception of VOA Radiogram, 17 December 2016, 
> 1600-1630 UTC, 17580 kHz, via North Carolina.
> Cards are attached.
> All the best/73,
> Kim

Hello Kim,thanks!
In this context I would still have an interesting story to offer.    
Back in the last days of October 2016, lousy HF conditions.
Ch292 had a huge skipzone in the evenings , even over WEB-SDRs in the UK 
were the signals only to guess.
But then the surprise: A WEB-SDR in Western Poland brought amazing 
signals - I was very perplexed .........
But, in the middle of the transmission path there was the IONO probe 
station Pruhonice near Prague, which reported increased reflection 
values at 110 km altitude - that means sporadic-E in the 49-meter-band!
Here are a graphical overview and the two comparative audio recordings:


"The path is the goal".....