[A-DX] Log: 1143 kHz, Taiwan Chu Yuyeh Kuangpo Tientai, Baisha, Taiwan, 1615 UT, SIO 433

Christoph Ratzer
Mo Feb 15 21:41:43 CET 2016

Heute bestätigte mir die Taiwan Area Fisheries Station den Empfang auf Mittelwelle 1143 kHz vom 30. Jänner mit einer kurzen eMail:

Dear Mr./Ms. Christoph Ratzer,
We are glad to hear from you. It's our pleasure to had audience in different fields and different countries.  After listening to the files enclosed, we are sure that the radio station your heard is ours . Thank you for your listening, and we will be always at your service.

Sincerely yours,

Fishery Radio Station,
Taiwan, R.O.C

73 Christoph