[A-DX] Fw: [BDXC-UK] UNID African 9430 kHz - Radio Lead Africa

Wolfgang Bueschel
Mo Feb 29 13:12:52 CET 2016

dies haben die Briten vom BrDXC-UK ermittelt.


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From: "'Alan Pennington'  [bdxc-news]"
Sent: Monday, February 29, 2016 12:31 PM
Subject: Re: [BDXC-UK] UNID African 9430 kHz - Radio Lead Africa

Mauno Ritola on WRTH Facebook has probably identified the station heard on 
9430 yesterday evening:

"This seems to be the station that has been testing on 9430 kHz:

Radio Lead Africa Media

Direct Radio test transmissions continue on, Tuesday 01/03/2016 from 6.00am 
to 7.00am, Uganda time. Tune in on this frequency: 5910 kHz (AM/SW) on your 
ordinary radio sets. Let us know the quality and clarity of transmission- we 
need a feedback before we start regular live transmissions. This is one of 
the ways to dislodge dictator Museveni...Museveni MUST go! (Time schedule as 

Monday 6.00am to 7.00am Uganda time
Tuesday 6.00am to 7.00am Uganda time
Wednesday 8.00pm to 9.00pm Uganda time
Thursday 8.00pm to 9.00pm Uganda time
Friday 6.00am to 7.00am Uganda time
Saturday: 8.00am to 10.00am Uganda time
Sunday 8.00pm to 12 midnight Uganda time

+17128322668 WhatsApp +61412640094. +256704044735 +27817820909 

(Radio Lead Africa Media Facebook page 29 Feb)

Postings in February on this Facebook page seem to largely match the HFCC 
registrations shown below:
Mon, Tues, Fri 5910 6AM-7AM Uganda time (=0300-0400 UTC)
Wed, Thurs 15455 8AM-9AM Uganda time (=0500-0600 UTC)
Sat 15310 8AM-10AM Uganda time (=0500-0700 UTC)
Sun 9410 8AM-10AM Uganda time (= 0500-0700 UTC)
Sun 9430 10PM-12AM Uganda time (=1900-2100 UTC)

though they also posted Sun 9410 8AM-10AM Uganda time (=0500-0700 UTC) (not 
per HFCC)
but not the Sun 9410 1700-1800 UTC in HFCC (in error?)
Also I could not see mention of Sat 9410 1700-1800
nor Sat 9430 1900-2100 UTC on their Facebook timeline.

73, Alan

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  From: 'Alan Pennington'  [bdxc-news]
  Sent: Sunday, February 28, 2016 10:06 PM
  Subject: [BDXC-UK] UNID African 9430 kHz

Thanks to a tip from Wolfgang Bueschel, heard an unidentified station on 
9430 kHz this evening (Sunday 28 February) from 2020 UTC tune-in until 
abruptly cut at 2101 UTC.

Difficult to copy here, noisy with rapid fading, but was 100% talk, in 
Swahili until 2045 UTC, then English until broadcast cut at 2101 UTC. The 
English section was political talk about Uganda. No ID copied.

This matches HFCC registrations for relays via Sentech, Meyerton, South 
including on 9430 (Sat/Sun) 1900-2100 with broadcaster simply
described as 'NEW' ("for new organisation")

  All HFCC registrations for 'NEW' via Meyerton:
  0300-0400 Mon, Tues, Fri 5910
  0500-0600 Wed, Thurs 15455
  0500-0700 Sat 15310
  1700-1800 Sat, Sun 9410
  1900-2100 Sat, Sun 9430

  73, Alan Pennington
  Caversham, UK
  AOR 7030plus, longwire