[A-DX] csv UB 4.04 / EIBI txt-csv ?

So Jan 17 12:33:04 CET 2016

4.04; 2016/01/14
Added: Download of EIBI CSV database (all broadcasts for a season) in Downloader. The output
        file wil be named "userlistEIBISKED.txt" in the CSVUserlists folder.
        To activate:
        Select "Sked (CSV)" from the dropdown "EIBI list type".
        "Invalid URL" is reported because the link is probably empty.
        Enter http://www.eibispace.de/dx/sked-b15.csv in the "URL to EIBI file" field.
        Click "Save details".
        If you are primarily interested in the most recent EIBI schedule, select "Default (txt)"
        and click "Save details" once more.

Wozu  bzw. worin besteht der Unterschied?

csv EIBI aktuell  12015 Einträge
txt EIBI aktuell  10497 Einträge

         kHz: 9550
     UTC/PSN: 1100-1300
     Days/PI: 1234567 (Mo-Su)
    Language: spanish/castellano
     Station: Radio Habana Cuba
     Country: CUB (Cuba)
Transmitter: Quivicán/Titan
    Latitude: 22.8333
   Longitude: -82.3000
  Power (kW):
      Target: WNA (Western North America)
    Distance: 8337
     Bearing: 288
     Details: 31 m from Cuba to Western North America
QTH locator: EL82ut49ax

Eintrag nur  in   csv-Variante,   nicht in   txt-Variante,                 wieso die "abgespeckte" txt-Variante ?