[A-DX] 9515

Wolfgang Bueschel
Sa Jul 16 07:27:57 CEST 2016

Tip, z.Zt. wunderschöne WeAF Musik

FRANCE    Reception of Radio Niger Delta via TDF Issoudun relay site,
on July 16
0500-0600 9515 ISS 250 kW 170-190 deg to WeAF

9515 kHz Radio Niger Delta via TDF Issoudun heard also this morning
from 0500 UT onwards, but sudden TX break occured at 05.07:40 UT.
Was back on air, when checked at 0518 UT again.

Once again same signal strength like nearby adjacent RTA Algiers
relay program via TDF Issoudun France on 9535 kHz.

But program audio noted at different 'wide string' on Perseus screen:
9515 RND 4.6 kHz,
9535 RTA 5.8 kHz.

Both at S=9+40dB or -35dBm heard in remote Madrid Spain post,
midst on the lobe from Issoudun southwards.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 16)