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Hans-Christoph Scheiblberger
Mi Mai 18 21:05:48 CEST 2016

Guter Empfang heute Abend in Bad Goisern an einem 40m Dipol. Wo steht der Sender?73,Chris 

    Herbert Meixner <> schrieb am 8:26 Dienstag, 17.Mai 2016:

 Antwort von "Eighties Radio" zur Information:

Von: Mark Hanson <>

....thanks for report from Austria. We will continue broadcasting on 
6040 kHz for the next couple of days. We have to evaluate our equipment 
somehow to make sure everything is fine. Thanks for the audio-snippet! 
Would appreciate some more files when conditions improve on the 49mB 
hopefully soon! Information and eQSL will follow. This is just an 
instant answer. Thanks for tuning in.

Mark Hanson
(Chief Engineer)

---- On Mon, 16 May 2016 14:04:58 +0200 Herbert Meixner 
<>wrote ----

Dear Operators!

May I inform you, that I have heard your station on Sunday, 15.May 2016,
all over the day.
Unfortunately with very bad reception results because of more rustling
as usual in the daytime.
But in the evening your signal grew up with a peak around 20.00....20.50
Later on an interference howling tone was coming up.

Please make a picture for yourself by the enclosed file.
It is devided in 4 parts showing you the reception times as follow:
1) 20.09 UC
2) 20.25 UC
3) 20.39 UC
4) 20.47 UC

Rec.: NRD 535DG
Aerial: Mini Whip
Location: 48.02 North; 15.36 East

With kindest regards from Austria,

Herbert Meixner
3160 Traisen

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