[A-DX] Handbook Broadcasting in Russian

M. van Arnhem
Fr Mai 20 22:05:31 CEST 2016

For your information:

20th edition of the "Broadcasting in Russian" Handbook, published by St. Petersburg DX Club, has been recently released. The handbook features all radio stations transmitting Russian language broadcasts in AM bands (on long, medium and short waves) at present, both from Russia and abroad. Station listings include frequency and programme schedules, transmitter location and power, target areas, postal addresses, phone/fax numbers, Web sites, social network pages, e-mail addresses as well as QSL policy info. The schedules are generally valid until 29 October 2016 (i.e. during A16 broadcasting season).
The Handbook is in Russian and distributed as a hard copy only. Volume is 68 pages of A5 size. Please address your purchase requests and questions to St. Petersburg DX Club:
Alexander Beryozkin, P.O.Box 463, St. Petersburg, 190000, Russia or by e-mail: dxspb[at]nrec.spb.ru.
The price is 5 EUR or 6 USD (including delivery by registered mail). PayPal and Skrill money transfers are accepted.
Your comments and suggestions regarding the handbook contents are always welcome.

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