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Wolfgang Bueschel
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die "Air Ground Missile" gibt es zur Übung in Incirlik bei der Bundeswehr im

DENMARK   DSWCI Annual General Meeting on October 08

On October 08 the DSWCI had a very successfull
last Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the city of Kalundborg.

39 DX-friends representing 14 nations attended, incl. the following from

Victor Goonetilleke (Sri Lanka), Jawahar Almeida (Goa, India), Aleksander
and Valentina Beryozkin (Russia), Risto Vaehaekainu, Arto Mujunen, Heikki
Puranen, Juha and Virpi Tuominen and Henri Ekman (all from Finland), Tibor
(born in Hungary) and Barbro Szilagyi and Per Eriksson (Sweden), Andreas
and Gertrud Schmid, Robert Kipp (born in U.S.A.), Joachim Kornek, Bernhard
Hein, Simon-Peter Liehr, Hella and Karl Helt, Uwe and Suree (born in
Thailand) Volk (all from Germany), Jonathan Marks (Media Network, The
Netherlands), Marcel Rommerts (Belgium), Dave Kenny and Alan Pennington
(United Kingdom).

After the AGM with its reduced agenda, which was excellently chaired by
Tibor Szilagyi, the manager of the Longwave station Jens Christian Seeberg
and his Philippine wife Editha served coffee and tea with specially
designed cakes celebrating the 60 years of the DSWCI!

After an outdoor Group photo, Niels Dreijer gave a lecture about "The
future of the AM bands" and Jens Chr. Seeberg showed us around
on the 89 years old station with a modern transmitter. In the evening
we enjoyed the 60 years Jubilee in the 600 years old Bistro Bispegaarden,
which served delicious local dishes.

Due to the coming dissolvement of the DSWCI, Jaroslav Bohac's annual
contest "The Grand Tour across all Continents" has been taken over by the
Czechoslovak DX Club. But we encourage our members to take part in this
contest 18-27 October 2016. More details in Miscellaneous below.

Thank you for your contributions from all parts of the world to this DX-
Window. Our Russian member Alexander Beryozkin sent tips on October 17 and

"Herewith my contribution for the next DW Window.
It's only 12 minutes beyond deadline, so I hope it's not too late.

Thank you very much for the excellent AGM of DSWCI, which we really
enjoyed". When Alexander said Goodbye to me in Kalundborg, he added:
"The DSWCI is a good model for all other DX-Clubs!"
(Anker Petersen-DEN, DXW #566 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 19)

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"DSWCI - The Last AGM" - toller Titel. Helft mir mal auf die Sprünge:
AGM meint sicher nicht "Air Ground Missile".
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