[A-DX] Austria Will Test DRM (and currently testing DAB+)

Wolfgang Bueschel
Di Nov 29 16:15:15 CET 2016

Auch nach 17 Jahren fruchtloser Aktionen,
ist DRM noch ein Steh-Aufmännchen.

Viele Meetings weltweit in schönen Locations, Hotels, Dinner Restaurants, 
Stränden usw.
werden / wurden immer wieder veranstaltet, jetzt auch in St. Poelten OE

Von Mike im BrDXC-UK


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Subject: Austria Will Test DRM (and currently testing DAB+)

Radio Magazine
By Doug Irwin, CPBE AMD DRB
November 28, 2016
VIENNA—Digital radio has already come to Austria. As previously reported in 
DRU, testing of DAB+ transmission is in its second year there.

Nevertheless, proponents of the DRM system, an alternative means of digital 
transmission, are not deterred, and are assisting in a DRM trial in Austria, 
according to DRM news.

The annual technical meeting of the non-commercial broadcasters in Austria 
organized by COMMIT (Community and Media Institute Austria) took place in St 
Polten earlier this month. Detlef Pagel, vice chairman of the German DRM 
Platform, presented an update on DRM activities worldwide and demonstrated a 
frequency planning set-up based on DRM+ in VHF band III suitable for local 
broadcast. (DRM+ is the name given to use of the DRM standard when operated 
at VHF).

Additionally, the local University of Applied Sciences in St. Poelten is 
planning a DRM+ field trial in VHF band II. The German DRM Platform will 
support this trial, as well as the activities of the non-commercial 
broadcasters in Austria.
Austria Will Test DRM+

Austria Will Test DRM+

But DAB+ transmission is in its second year there   |

This follows this report in April 2016:

VIENNA, Austria—Vienna’s DAB+ testing period has been extended by one year 
by media regulator KommAustria to April 2017. Originally, the test was last 
10 months. All but one of the stations that have been on the test multiplex 
will continue for the entire test period, which started in May of 2015 with 
15 stations. After April of next year radio stations in Austria may start 
with regular broadcasts using DAB+. Currently, KommAustria is examining how 
much interest there is in Austria for radio stations to broadcast via DAB +, 
and based on the results, the media regulator plans to draw up action plans 
for digital terrestrial radio, with room for 24 to 30 rural radio stations. 
Conspicuously absent in the test is the Austrian public broadcaster ORF, 
which has so far refused to invest in DAB + because it is not allowed to 
start additional radio stations. ORF has been trying for years to get 
permission to start new radio stations, according to radio.nl. ORF currently 
has a market share of 73% and more radio stations would mean that 
broadcasters can acquire an even stronger position.