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> @ 11:09  Pakistan bans broadcast of Indian programs*
> @ 17:23  Alexanderson Alternator antenna damaged by fire*
> @ 21:47  DRM shortwave transmissions 



Pakistan Bans Broadcast of Indian Programs

Ayaz Gul
October 19, 2016

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan has banned Indian programs on local radio
and television stations, the latest casualty of continuing
military and political tension between the two countries.

The state-run Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority
announced the decision Wednesday, saying the decade-long
unilateral concession is being canceled starting October 21.

The authority warned that violators of the ban would have their
broadcasting licenses suspended without issuance of "show cause

Indian songs, movies and drama serials have been a regular
entertainment element and a source of revenue for scores of
private radio and television channels operating in Pakistan.

The ban came after the Indian film industry barred Pakistani
actors from its movies, and cinema associations refused to play
movies featuring artists, singers and music directors from the
neighboring country.

Wednesday's announcement comes as Pakistani and Indian troops
engage in intermittent exchanges of fire across the disputed
Kashmir border referred to as the line of control.

The tensions increased after last month's militant attack on a
military base in Indian Kashmir that New Delhi alleges was
planned on Pakistani soil.

Islamabad rejected the charges as an attempt to divert attention
from what it alleges is Indian forces' brutal suppression of a
week of anti-India protests in Kashmir.

India's claim of conducting a so-called surgical strike on the
Pakistani side of the divide of the Kashmir region to eliminate
terrorists trying to cross into India has further fueled
tensions. But the Pakistan military has rejected as baseless New
Delhi's claim of conducting the cross-line-of-control raid, such
an action would have been an act of war.

India's refusal to attend a summit of the South Asian Association
for Regional Cooperation scheduled for next month in Pakistan
prompted Islamabad to postpone it. New Delhi has also vowed not
to play cricket matches with Pakistan in upcoming international

The actions, Indian officials say, are part of their diplomatic
efforts to seek Pakistan's international isolation for allegedly
supporting groups involved in cross-border terrorism in India and
Afghanistan. Islamabad rejects the allegations saying its
anti-terrorism efforts are being internationally acknowledged.

It dismisses the Indian efforts to isolate Pakistan as nothing
but "a ploy to divert international attention from ongoing Indian
oppression" in the divided Kashmir region.


Image: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA)
emblem ...
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 From ARRL, the US national association of amateur radio ...

Antenna Fire Puts SAQ Alexanderson Alternator Station Off the Air

October 18, 2016

An early October fire in the SAQ Alexanderson alternator
long-wave antenna is under investigation by the Grimeton World
Heritage Foundation, which owns and manages the station in
Grimeton, Sweden. The fire, attributed to arcing, was quickly
extinguished, and no injuries occurred. The Foundation said that
determining the extent of damage and completing repairs could
take a while.

"There is a risk that the incident will affect the planned
transmissions with the long-wave transmitter SAQ for some time to
come," a Foundation announcement said. The fire will keep SAQ off
the air for a scheduled UN Day transmission on October 24. SAQ,
which operates on 17.2 kHz, also typically schedules
transmissions on Christmas Eve and other occasions.

Dating from the 1900s, the Alexanderson alternator — essentially
an ac generator run at extremely high speed — can put out 200 kW
but typically is operated at less than one-half that power level.
Once providing reliable transatlantic communication, it is now a
museum piece and only put on the air on special occasions. It was
built in the 1920s.


Image: Towers at the Grimeton site ...
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DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) Transmissions

On 23 and 24 October, Babcock International will broadcast a
shortwave DRM transmission, featuring BBC World Service content,
from Singapore on 11995 kHz, 0500-0700 UTC. These are
transmissions are for the meeting of the Asia-Pacific
Broadcasting Union (ABU) in Bali ...


On 24 and 25 October, Babcock International will broadcast BBC
World Service in DRM from the BBC Ascension Island transmitting
station, 1600-1800 UTC, on 21720 kHz. These transmissions are for
the meeting of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union in Cuba.


You will need a receiver capable of decoding DRM. Some SDR
receivers (hardware plus software) can do this if combined with
the Dream DRM decoder from drm.sourceforge.net.

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