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So Okt 30 07:39:30 CET 2016

ch1:    BBC WS   Audio ca.  11 kHz NF,   +  AFS   (~ 16kbps)
ch2:    Journaline  BBC News Europa,  BBC News Asia,   BBC Hindi

J O U R N A L I N E :

BBC News - Europe
Calais 'Jungle': France urges UK to take more children
               France's president says the UK should take in more 
migrant children after the Calais "Jungle" shuts.
Iceland election: Pirate Party set for gains
               Iceland's anti-establishment Pirate Party looks set to 
make gains as votes are counted from a parliamentary election.
Key Lockerbie witness Tony Gauci dies in Malta
Moldova holds first presidential election in 20 years
Mariano Rajoy wins vote to lead Spain minority government
Italian bridge collapses on busy road in Lecco
              An investigation begins in Italy after a bridge collapses 
on a busy road, killing a driver.
Ceta: EU-Canada trade deal to be signed on Sunday
Lithuania issues updated Russian invasion advice booklets
Angela Merkel wants Facebook and Google's secrets revealed  ==>
              Angela Merkel wants the way that online platforms like 
Facebook and Google influence what people see online to be made public.
France migrants: Rise in people sleeping rough in Paris
Nato chief says alliance 'does not want new Cold War'
Calais 'Jungle' stragglers and minors spend another night at camp
Big stores in Germany stop selling 'creepy clown' masks
Uber drivers win key employment case
Swiss railway ticket machines to sell Bitcoin digital currency
In pictures: Adolf Hitler's bunker recreated in Berlin
         A replica of Adolf Hitler's bunker, where the German dictator 
spent his final days at the end of World War Two, has opened in central 
Berlin inside a former Nazi air raid shelter.
Calais camp: Young people remain as demolition continues
Brexit: The Poles heading for the exit after referendum
Living in the ruins of the Calais 'Jungle'
On with their heads
Calais commitment
At Europe's frontier
Show me the money
        Ukraine's anti-corruption drive reveals that some top 
politicians, including the prime minister, have huge wealth, Tom 
Burridge reports.
Pirates of the north
        Iceland's Pirate Party could make history by entering a 
coalition government after Saturday's election.
'We need progress'
'No longer welcome'
         A rise in hate crime against the UK's Polish community is 
making some of them think about leaving the country as a result.
How 'Jungle' was torn down
Deutsche Bank reports profit despite 'tough' environment
       Embattled Deutsche Bank reports a surprise profit for the third 
quarter of the year.
Emerging markets boost Banco Santander
Monte dei Paschi shares suspended after 23% fall

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