[A-DX] Fw: [HCDX] SIBC 5020 / 9545 kHz Transmitter Issues

Wolfgang Bueschel
Di Sep 6 12:36:04 CEST 2016

Siehe Mail von Paul in Alaska.

Um 0940 UT heute am 6. September, SIBC Honiara auf 5019.999 kHz,
mit volle Kracht.
Also zumindest heute kein Ersatzsender von einigen hundert Watt im Einsatz.

Schönes Signal im Pazifik downunder in Brisbane, S=9+10dB oder -64dBm.

4869.906  Und auch noch der Indonesier RRI Wamena, S=6 -86dBm.

3259.995  PNG NBC Radio Madang, S=8 -81dBm Signalstärke um 0958 UT.

3325 kHz or half a Hertz on lower side at 1004 UT on Sept 6,
PAPUA NEW GUINEA  NBC Bougainville English nx read by female.
S=9+5dB or -71dBm much fluttery.

7259.959  Zweites Mongolisches Radio, Ulan Bataar Khonhor site mit S=8
oder -76dBm downunder in Queensland Australien, 1020 UT am 6. Sept.


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From: "Paul B. Walker, Jr." <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2016 6:23 AM
Subject: [HCDX] SIBC 5020 / 9545 kHz Transmitter Issues

> From Engineer Nilorier Tavo, "We are having problem with our SW
> transmitters but work is still in progress to fix it."
> I assume they are probably at lower then their "licensed" 10,000 watts, as
> evidenced by WRMI 5015 and Radio Rebelde 5025 beating them to a pulp here
> in Alaska the other day.
> I wonder what the problem is, their transmitters is nearly brand new..
> it's a 2 year old Hitachi, from Japan. They have one transmitter, and it
> can only do one frequency at a time, so both 5020 and 9545 are affected, I
> assume.
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